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Barn Conversions

Looking to create your very own one off home that's packed with character and space? If you're planning on converting a barn conversion into your next home or project you've come to the right place!

Our team have vast experience in working with clients to achieve their vision in taking in most cases an unloved barn and bringing it back to life. This is to either transform it into their family home or to sell on. Whatever your plans are, we can help. Check out some of our projects here on our website. Whilst planning on converting a barn is exciting and certainly rewarding you must be prepared to consider certain aspects, we have included some below:

  • Whats your budget? Have you already purchased the barn or are you still looking for that perfect property?
  • Consider the structural implications of the barn and whether a survey is required to check it's current condition. Will amendments have to be made in order for you to start your project?
  • Depending on a number of factors your barn conversion may require planning approval. Once we have received information on the property and visited the site we will be able to advise whether a full application is required or if a prior notification application will be sufficient by way of completing the conversion under permitted development. We can provide you with either of these services by submitting the relevant information and drawings to your local authority. We'll then liaise with them throughout the determination period and keep you updated.
  • Should planning be required various reports will likely be required to support the above application (I.e. Ecological assessments, tree reports). There may be a concern for protected species in the area or if the barn is in a rural setting the impact on the trees in the area may be something that should be factored in. With this in mind, if reports like this are requested as part of your planning application we can obtain a comparable quotation for you and liaise accordingly.
  • Work with us to ensure that the design not only works for you, but considers the barns current location and setting. This is especially important if full planning is required in order to gain a successful planning approval. In addition if your barn conversion can be carried out via permitted development various criteria should be adherded to.

After the initial design stage and planning has been obtained (if applicable) your barn will require Building Regulation approval. We will submit your Building Regulation application for you, liaise with the governing body and obtain structural engineers quotations as required. This stage will also require the below to be considered:

  • Should a SAP be required our in house assessors are on hand to carry out any energy efficient assessments.
  • Ensuring services are provided to your barn will need to be considered, we can assist with any drainage and waste requirements.

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